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If you read my previous post #WORTHTHEWAITFERRELL 
then you already know I am getting married at my parent's back yard haha!

I want my guests to feel loved, inspired and awestruck the moment they arrive on my parent's property. It is going to be difficult to transform a simple house on 10 acres into me and Clayton's dream wedding but I really think we have a great team of vendors by our side.

This is just to really help me enjoy the wedding
planning process instead of stressing over the itty bitty things :)

Come along with me as I prepare to walk down the aisle to the man I love dearly!

Modern Bohemian Romance


We want our wedding to feel like your invited to our home.
Very intimate, a loving and warm environment, community and honestly just pure bliss haha. 

Our wedding will have modern elements with a bohemian vibe that feels romantic :)

The Reception 


Majority of the wedding will take place in Tipis that my father has graciously decided to build himself. Fingers crossed that pops comes through! Tipis are still used for ceremonial purposes and to me symbolize family, tradition, strength and protection.

There is no better way to party the night away in giant tipis
with our family and friends that was built by my own father! Crazy and so cool!

Eclectic rugs, rattan furniture, crystals, acrylic signs, wooden farm tables, gold candle holders, and more...

I am getting PUMPED wooo :)

Florals | Succulants


I am obsessed with succulents! They are my babies :)
I have a few at home ranging in size and air plants. I have to admit I have
unintentionally killed a few, but I still buy live plants because
I love the process of watching them grow and thrive... 

This part is probably the hardest for me to visualize. I really have to trust my florist and provide as much visuals as possible. I already have pictures printed out for her and notes haha. I am worried the most about florals, not sure why! Maybe because it is not my forte and it's a beautiful art form I have yet to understand.

I will be providing pretty much all of the succulents and will be taking a trip to MANY different shops in the area the month before my wedding. I have collected a few a long the way but I am waiting when the date gets closer to find the special ones haha!

The Ceremony


I have literally been trying to find pictures to help explain my vision for the ceremony but this is the best I could do haha. Sad I know! No worries just wait until after my wedding :)

There is a beautiful pasture that we have decided for our ceremony location. It's located after all my dad's goats, chickens and roosters haha. My father is making wooden benches for our guests to sit and our alter will consist of eclectic rugs and cacti.

Down the aisle will be gold/brass candle holders and eclectic lanterns.
Kind of simple and sweet. I did not want a grand altar since the ceremony does not even last that long anyways.

Whether you just celebrated your wedding or planning yours right now I hope you enjoyed/enjoy the entire process!

Never forget the entire reason for the wedding...
It's about you and your fiance's love and commitment! 

Try to clean out your pinterest board and narrow down your vision. 
Be realistic on the whole DIY projects. Sometimes you just do not have time for that haha!

Happy planning <3



I already chose my wedding date before I got engaged haha, yup.
It is exactly like in Miss Congeniality. Rhode Island knew the perfect date ;)

Miss Congeniality April 25Th GIF by mtv-downsized_large.gif

Clayton and I was actually going to elope or have a small intimate wedding
with our immediate family and a few friends out in Utah at a place called Amangiri

It is a beautiful resort in the middle of canyons and became my ultimate dream wedding.

When I FINALLY got engaged, girl it was go time!
The more I inquired and started to plan our "elopement"...

Things were not falling into place like I hoped it would after getting engaged.
I was seriously heart broken not being able to have the dream wedding I wanted to.

I am the planner in the relationship and it was a struggle not knowing our wedding plans.
We prayed and asked the Lord where He would want us to celebrate our love.

God placed it in our hearts to get married at my parent's land, which is located south of Dallas.
It was this overwhelming peace that gave me comfort knowing the Lord did not want us to elope but to include all our amazing family and friends that have been a part of our journey.

I LOVE elopements, but it was just not for us. I could not cut anyone out!
Since my desert canyon elopement was not going to happen, I knew we had to take our engagement photos out in the dessert. 

So I hit up one of my besties, Kelsey (who is a jack of trades and a #GIRLBOSS)
and asked her if she would come with us to Monahans, Texas.

It was such a fun quick trip with two of the most people I adore in this world.

View more of Kelsey's work here

clayton-erika-engagements-8254 (1).jpg

Trying to marry this boy has been a rollercoaster haha,
but just like my wedding hashtag... #worththewaitferrell

Dealing With Your Peaks and Valleys of Life.

I love devotionals and my boyfriend's mother suggested us to download this app called Devotion on our phone. It is a daily morning and evening devotional with a bit of a trivia and even some Bible humor haha.

The 21st of September's devotional really inspired me and I wanted to share the topic!

Eat, drink and enjoy life!
That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 8:15

There is so much happiness life has to offer, the valleys are refreshing, filled with joy and wonderment. In our valleys we come across peaks that block our journey. Life comes with challenges and roadblocks but the valleys are reminders when we are climbing over our peaks.

If you have started climbing your peak, just conquered the climb or you're taking it easy in the valley... I want to share some ideas on how to stay positive, motivated and just how to enjoy the season you are in your life. 

I hope you always start your day on a positive note before you head out! 

Start getting ready to your favorite jam :)
If it's fun dance music or even mellow instrumentals. Play some tunes to start the day right and cheerful.

Confidence boosters feel amazing and make you feel like a super hero who can defeat anything haha.

Another great confidence booster is just having a moment to yourself to recollect your thoughts through prayer, meditation or writing in a daily journal. Focus your mind on how amazing yesterday went even if it was not that amazing. Find something that was was!

Even if it was that you were able to watch one episode of your favorite show haha. Try to not go further than one day... you get off track and start to think further back in time and you get stuck in the past instead of focusing on the present and future.

Trust me, I do it all the time! It is a good method to learn especially in relationships. I'm guilty of thinking about what happened 2 weeks ago and start thinking of how it should have been. I'll lose track and forget how amazing things have been (okay for the most part haha) up until this point, and am so focused on what freakn' happened 2 weeks ago lol.

giphy (1).gif

I know, I know... 

Another great way is to do whatever makes you feel like a million bucks.

I personally enjoy my morning skincare routine and if I have time I do my everyday "no makeup" makeup look. I feel oh so pretty and put together. Days where I wake up flustered and in a rush are just not the same.

I start to feel less motivated, depressed and think the peak ahead looks impossible to overcome.

Below are some quick and hopefully easy "everyday looks" to boost your confidence on the daily to make you feel like the powerful #GIRLBOSS you already are ;)

Smudged Liner

This look has been my go-to everyday look ever since the cat eye started to get boring haha. It is a lot quicker and easier to do when you are in a rush. You can use a good ole q tip to smudge your liner or a small dense brush to soften the edges. 

First, line your top lash line with your choice of colored pencil liner. Precision is not that important, just put the desired line thickness. Kohl or smooth gel liners tend to work best.

People like to go crazy and smudge the entire liner all at once. Work in small motions and in sections.

Cat Eye

This is my favorite look. It elevates a look and is very fierce haha. You really have to know what type of cat eye works best for you.

The best advice I can give you, is that when you start the flick, look straight forward in the mirror and mark the line. Some people flick it more to the side, I personally like to follow the lower lash line and lift the line upwards. 

Play around on what works best for you!

You do not have to line your entire eye, some people like a thick line towards the flick and thinner towards the inner corner. Some just start in the middle of their eye and go towards the outer corner.


Another quick and easy every day look is to only highlight along with your go-to eye look. Creams look more natural, but powders work too. 

I personally like to highlight my cheekbone, brow bone and inner corner of my eyes. 

As you can see in the pictures you already see a natural highlight. When I added a cream highlighter it brings it out more. Nothing too crazy but just enough to conquer the world haha jk.

Bronzer Eye Shadow

I love using my bronzer through my eye socket to give my eyes more depth. I popped some of my bronzer with the highlighter look. It adds warmth to my eyes! 

Start at the outer corner and push the product in one direction at a time first. Do not do the windshield motion just yet. Once you have the desired crease shade then start blending it out with the windshield wiper motion.

Sometimes we wish we could just dynamite right through the peak, or heck even call in a helicopter to ride over and go back to the peacefulness of our valley haha. Yes please!

I am not an active climber/hiker but when I do go hiking it is not about just having the opportunity to say I went hiking or to say "hey, look at me I accomplished climbing mt. everest" haha.

I mean yes, YAY FOR YOU but it is all about the climb right?
Cmon' all you rock climbers and hikers, back me up :P

When you reach a peak, just stop for a second and look at that mountain... small or big. Now think about the amazing view you will see while conquering that mountain. Think about how glorious overcoming that mountain will be!!! 

Enjoy your journey through your peaks because it will get you through to the valleys. 

Climbing is never easy for sure. Whenever I went hiking with my family in Hawaii we had to wake up ULTRA early to climb, so that once we reached the top we would have front row seats to the beautiful sunrise. As we were climbing in the wee early morning darkness on this crazy elevated mountain, I was thinking to myself (while I was sweating and panting), "WTF THIS CLIMB IS RIDICULOUS, THIS BETTER BE WORTH IT!"

Haha, okay maybe I am being a bit over dramatic but I am not your typical "fit girl". It was so hard to enjoy my time with my family plus dealing with the elevated ground level haha. 

But I guess that is the beauty of it right? Being okay and realizing that the climb is never easy. If it was we would all be content, unchanged and unmotivated as we all chill in our valleys. Same old, same old. 

All jokes aside, the climb was actually nice. The beauty and quietness of the dark was calming. Looking out and seeing all the lights from the roads and houses... and you can somewhat see the ocean.

Keep yourself motivated and inspired throughout the peaks in life. Prepare yourself and gain strength for the next climb to conquer.

What are some ways that are helpful to you? Help a sista out XD, this girl always needs motivation haha.

Favorite Product: Hot Tools Curling Iron

Hot Tools are affordable and durable. I love creating loose waves for a "lived in" look with either a 3/4 inch curling iron or 1 inch. The key is to not curl your hair all the way from the root to the end. I leave about 1 inch from the root and 1 inch at the end so it is not too wavy. 

Look and Feel Flawless on Your Big Day

In the words of Beyonce...

"You wake up, flawless
Post up, flawless..

As much as we wish we could look flawless when we wake up in the morning, we really don't. If I'm lucky, I am able to sleep with my hair a certain way so when I wake up it's not all crazy, but that's about as good as it gets haha. 

What Beyonce is saying here is less about looking flawless but more about empowering us to feel flawless as well.

Looking flawless ends after your big day but feeling flawless lasts forever.

You are probably asking yourself, but how can I FEEL flawless, right?

GURRRL keep reading ;)

But let's start with how to LOOK flawless first!

The key point to looking flawless on your big day is skin prep. 

Yeesssiiireee, no secret at all but it's a major step that people neglect. Whether you are preparing for your wedding day, special event, or you just know you want to look flawless next weekend...


As soon as you set that wedding date, or when you find out the event date, start ASAP.

Now if we had the money I know we wish we could get facials once a month. If you can every other month or two months would be great. It does depend on how problematic your skin is. If you are getting married, start as soon as you get engaged or about 4-5 months out of your wedding date.

Having a medical grade facial monthly will tremendously help, especially if you have unevenness, dullness or acne ridden skin.

If you cannot afford that many facials at least do one 1-2 months out to get a professional opinion. Maybe you just need a chemical peel or hydrafacial a month before the big day.

Just don't get anything abrasive 1-3 weeks from your wedding date or special event. 

I had a groom, yes a groom who had amazing skin and was very proactive on taking care of his skin. He normally had peels done before, but this time the week of his wedding it actually burned his skin near the center of his face.

Not all peels are strong so do not get scared, you just have to find the right professional! Thankfully it didn't end up looking too bad on the day of, but I did have to lightly airbrush him haha.

Here are some of the spas and doctor offices I trust with my face!

There are other ways to help look flawless on your big day...

If you cannot add facials to your beauty routine at least be diligent on cleaning your face at night and in the morning and exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

Do not sleep with any makeup on and perfect your morning and night skincare routine.

Try adding a treatment serum like a Vitamin C serum treatment to brighten your skin. Vitamin C protects skin from free radicals and is essential in collagen production. 

A treatment step in your skincare routine is crucial! It varies on what you think your skin mainly needs help on. I personally have color unevenness and dull skin. I tend to gravitate to hydrating serums or brightening serums to give me a youthful glow. 

Below are some of my favorite Vitamin C serums!

Challenge yourself to step up your skincare routine!

I absolutley love, loveeeee Korean sheet masks!

I add in an amazing high quality hydro-gel sheet mask for hydration or tightness/firmness (depending on their skin type) for some of my client's for a more luxurious experience and to prep their skin before applying makeup. 

Using a hydro-gel mask on your big day will make your skin look dewy, glowy, well rested, firm and allows the makeup to lay flawlessly on your skin. 

There are two kinds of masks, paper or hydro-gel sheets, which are covered in essences or skin benefiting ingredients. I prefer using hydro-gel sheet masks than the paper/cotton ones. Hydro-gel masks allow nutrients to absorb more in the skin than paper sheets. 

Sheet masks can get pricey but are more affordable than facials. It is worth it, trust me.

 I did not review the middle mask "Moisturizing Recovery Mask" since it was not a hydro-gel mask. It said it was a "gel mask" but when I opened it, it was just a regular paper mask. ***

I did not review the middle mask "Moisturizing Recovery Mask" since it was not a hydro-gel mask. It said it was a "gel mask" but when I opened it, it was just a regular paper mask. ***

I went to my local Ulta and K-Town to find some new Korean hydro-gel Masks to try on and review for you!

I review them on a scale of 1-10 in 5 different categories:

- Consistency of the mask
- How it feels on the skin
- How my skin feels after mask is off
- How my skin looked the next day
- Most likely to buy again

Skinfood Marine Food Gel Mask - Pearl
Ulta | $5.00

"A gel mask containing pearl known as the treasure of the sea to brighten dull lack luster skin. Pearls are rich in more than 20 different types of minerals and also stimulate blood circulation and cell regeneration. This hydro-gel mask sheet delivers nutrients and minerals from the ocean to nourish skin and provides deep, long-lasting hydration."

The mask was difficult to work with and hard to grab as I was trying to put it on my face haha. It made my face tingle and slightly irritated for a bit.

It says to put the mask on for 10-20 minutes, I did for 15. It is all preference on how long you want the mask to stay on. I normally choose the longer time if I have time to relax.

Afterwards my face was still tingling but felt more tight than hydrated, but my skin did brighten. I patted in the extra nutrients left on my skin but it felt somewhat sticky. The next day I still had a glow and look refreshed even though I had a fun night before haha :)

Overall this was my least favorite out of the bunch. 

Consistency: 4
How it feels on the skin: 4
After feel: 6
Next day: 7
Most likely to buy again: 2

MISS SPA Youth Renewal Hydrogel Facial Mask
Ulta | $9.99

"Put signs of aging on pause with Miss Spa Youth Renewal Hydrogel Facial Mask. Infused with skin-smoothing peptides and collagen, the rich hydrogel virtually melts on skin, targeting signs of aging and promoting the appearance of fresher, brighter and younger-looking skin.

Free from parabens, artificial dyes, fragrances and sulfates. Not tested on animals. Use immediately after opening."

This mask requires a longer time frame of 45 minutes. I did feel a slight tingle on my cheeks while the mask was on. I absolutely loved the consistency of this mask! It is jelly-like and feels so luxurious on my face. Since it is very jelly like it was quite slippery. I had to adjust the chin area since it kept falling down.

After taking the mask off my cheek bones felt so firm and lifted. I looked refreshed and glowy. There was a slight sticky feeling once I started to pat the leftover nutrients over my face.

I woke up late the next morning and did not have time to wash my face. As I was quickly brushing my teeth I noticed that my skin still looked radiant and supple!

Consistency: 6
How it feels on the skin: 7
After feel: 7
Next day: 8
Most likely to buy again: 8

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro‑Gel Mask
MISSHA Shop (2625 Old Denton Rd Ste 411, Carrollton, TX 75007)| $6.00

"Recommended for:
- those wanting to easily experience the benefits of snail extract
- those wanting to strengthen skin
- those concerned about dull complexion and loss of elasticity
- those wanting to improve skin and prevent skin damage

I was really impressed with this type of mask. The mask texture was not jelly like. Apparently it is called a "laminating net material".

"The DDS method (used for drugs & medication) was applied to cosmetics through the Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery (TCD) System, which uses a bio matrix to help effectively deliver active ingredients to the skin."

You can read more in depth on Missha's website here.

Whenever I took the mask off I did not have that much leftover product. Usually I have to rub a lot of extra product in my skin. I wonder if that was due to the special material the mask was made of and all the product was able to absorb in my skin *shrugs*.

I personally did not want to like this mask because I did not have a pleasant experience at the Missha store. I did not feel welcomed and the ladies that were working there at the time did not seem inviting. It is a small store, there was only two workers, one was helping a client and another was just on her phone. 

Oh well, thank goodness for online shopping haha :P !

Consistency: 5.5
How it feels on the skin: 6
After feel: 7
Next day: 9
Most likely to buy again: 8

Tony Moly Intense Care Syn-Ake Hydro-gel Mask
Tony Moly (2625 Old Denton Rd #438, Carrollton, TX 75007) | $6.00

"Syn-ake hydro-gel mask helps the firming of the damaged skin.
This hydrogel mask contains an active ingredient of Syn-Ake (pseudo peptide that mimics real snake's venom) that improves the elasticity of the sagging skin."

The snake venom part caught my eye in the store and I just had to try it!
Though I would suggest this for mature skin, it could still be a preventative mask. 

My face did not tingle at all, it felt very cooling. It was a gel like mask, a bit slippery to put on my face but it did not move out of place once I patted it on my skin. 

My skin looked supple, glowy and my cheeks felt and even looked a bit lifted. I for sure felt the firming part, but it was nothing extreme. This mask felt the least stickiest than the others.

I really enjoyed this mask a lot! I even loved the store and the ladies that were working there were super sweet. If you happen to be in Carrolton stop by Tony Moly, they have variety of hydro-gel masks to try on.

Consistency: 7
How it feels on the skin: 8
After feel: 8
Next day: 8
Most likely to buy again: 8.5

All the masks did make my skin feel so soft afterwards! GEL sheet masks are amazzzinngggg and makes me want to dance haha.
If you have always been using a sheet mask, pick up a hydro-gel mask for a lavish and upgraded skincare routine experience.

Your life will be CHANGED :)


Another great product is Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment by GlamGlow! It used to be my holy grail before a big event but I started to use sheet masks more since it felt more luxurious. 

It exfoliates and softens your skin and gives you a glowy look. They say it is a "facial in a jar"... and it kind of is!

You can use the treatment 2-3 times weekly leading up to your big day and then on the day of use a gel sheet mask!  You are good to go hunnayyyy ;D

Remember to clean, moisturize, treat and exfoliate your face!

You cannot neglect your skin and then use a gel mask or a glow treatment on the day of.  Preparing your skin for your big day is key.

Prep it right and you will look flawless!

I will have an entire post dedicated to my personal skin prep in the future :) *** 

Okay, we have the look flawless part down, but now let's FEEL flawless.

We are our own worst critic. No one can criticize more on how you look better than yourself. Which is crazy! It is like a constant battle with our mind.

Cut yourself some slack when you glance in the mirror and start listing all the things you hate about your skin. Go easy on yourself! We should not be our worst critic. We should be our best cheerleader, supporter, and number one fan.

Even when you feel like you can't be your own biggest supporter or the people in your life are the ones that are your worst critic... I will be your number one fan! Surround yourself with an army of people who build up your confidence and add positivity to your life.

It took me a long time to truly appreciate my bare skin. I used to wear makeup daily especially when working in beauty retail. After I left, I challenged myself to not wear makeup for an entire year, and once I slowly embraced all that I am I started to reward myself with wearing makeup a little at a time. 

It was rough... especially not even wearing mascara, eek!

I went from looking flawless every day to not looking so great on the daily haha, but it was necessary. 

Slowly but surely, feeling flawless and confident in all that I am, bare skin and all, was enough.

I could even see how my confidence radiated through my images on social media. I was smiling more, and was very comfortable in my own skin. 

Before you start your daily beauty routine, take a moment in your mirror and really look at yourself. Then once all the negativity starts coming up in your mind that you look so red, you have horrible pigmentation, too many acne scars... 

STOP IT right in it's tracks. 

Come to terms that yes I have these imperfections but switch your perspective right then and there to a positive one! We do not give ourselves the credit we deserve. We have the power to change our own perspective more than we know. 

Smile. You are beautiful, strong, a warrior,  a winner and let the next person you see know it too that they are beautiful!

There are plenty of ways to feel flawless like start working out daily or weekly. Take a barre or cycle class! I have been trying cycle classes at CycleBar and oh em gee it has been invigorating haha. I look all sweaty and exhausted afterwards but I feel extra flawless! 

Another neat way is to create a vision board. Kelsey from She, In The Making has this amazing video on how to create one. Though it is a main way to help achieve your goals in life, it is also a way to empower you to feel flawless!

Looking flawless on your big day ends the night of, and yes you can continue to look flawless everyday but feeling flawless lasts forever. No one can bring you down and you will not allow others to make you feel less than what you already are...

and that is you are FLAWLESS.

I only applied the product to the right side of my face. ***

It first applies more on the orange side but it sets beautifully like the name. It honestly looks velvety and looks like flawless skin. It is not too matte at all like most matte foundations. Give the product time to set if you are color matching your skin. The foundation does oxidize.

The foundations is a light-medium coverage and slightly build-able.

You can wear this foundation throughout any season but I originally bought this because I was looking for a new Summer foundation/tinted moisturizer. Something that can withstand the Texas heat and that I can apply lightly and it would be enough coverage plus with a little bit of sunscreen. 

François Nars developed his products to be applied with your hands. Of course the powder products like bronzers and blushes are applied with brushes, but with their foundations applying them with your hands will make the product shine.

A beauty blender will eat the product up!

I have oily combination skin, oily in the t-zones and dry on the cheeks. It is my go-to every day foundation now or when I do not want to look overdone haha. Ya know that "no makeup" makeup look :)

Changing With The Seasons

Happy First Day of Autumn, and
Happy Belated Birthday to me :)

I "forget" my age (like some of us already do after we turn 21 haha) and when people ask how old I am, I literally have to pause for a minute and look back at my life up until this point to figure out my age.


Why is that hard to wrap my head around? I am some how ashamed of my age, and this idea that
I have not accomplished anything or reached that point of "success" in my life. 

It is a constant battle we need to conquer. 

Myself and many others need to stop allowing society to define our worth. Not everyone has the same journey to success.

They say comparison is the thief of joy and they are sure damn right. 

I encourage you to celebrate every aspect of your life and all that you are proud of. Whether you studied hard last night and aced that test, you learned a new hobby, had your first baby, reached your 1 year anniversary with your significant other, or even got over a stupid break up. :)

Celebrate yourself. Have a quick dance party, eat a delicious pie, get your nails done, or buy a new outfit!

CELEBRATE and .....


As we head into the wonderful season of Autumn it is the perfect time for change. We cannot change our age haha but let's change up our beauty routine. 

Usually in warmer weather we wear our light-weight face moisturizer. Over the Summer I switch to Sonia Roselli's water balm. My skin is able to breathe and retain moisture during the crazy Texas heat. Typically I need extra moisture as the season changes to a more cooler tempature, so I change to the famous Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré.

It is my go-to moisturizer for clients and it is truly the holy grail of moisturizers.

I do not recommend it for oily skin so try Hydra-Mat Emulsion if you are oily! 
I like to pack it under my eye and leave it there while I start doing my eye makeup. It allows my under eye to slowly soak in the moisture and to stay moisturized the entire day. It also preps my skin for concealer so it does not crease or look cakey.

Switch around your beauty vanity and force yourself to try other products that has been collecting dust in the corner. Move it from the drawer and display it for you to see every morning.

Try to "hit pan" on a blush or bronzer you bought a long time ago that you rarely wear. I have so many single blushes in my personal kit, I think this season I will display a few to reach more often! You can even take it a step further and switch out your makeup in your go-to makeup bag in your purse.

I challenge you to change your typical beauty routine.

Whether it is changing up a skincare product, switching out for a "new" old blush or changing your typical every day nude lipstick.

Change with the season my loves and celebrate yourselves and others.

Change gives us a chance to receive something greater.

Favorite Beauty Product: OLEHENRIKSEN Moment of Truth™ 2-in-1 Polishing Sugar Mask

Apply the exfoliating mask on a clean face. It feels warm when you start spreading it evenly on your face. Once you have applied it all over your face go relax for about 5-10 minutes.

When time is up start washing your face in sections.

I like to start off with my right cheek area. Apply warm water and scrub that area for about 20-30 seconds and rinse off. Then I switch to the left cheek area, nose and chin and finish with my forehead.

I like to spend my time in each section so that I can get rid of all my dead skin. I prefer to exfoliate 2-3 times weekly! It makes a difference when applying your makeup. I love that this exfoliator does not irritate my skin. My skin reacts instantly when it does not like a product and it immediatley loved this one! 

Cat Ears Headband | Floral Print Robe