Changing With The Seasons

Happy First Day of Autumn, and
Happy Belated Birthday to me :)

I "forget" my age (like some of us already do after we turn 21 haha) and when people ask how old I am, I literally have to pause for a minute and look back at my life up until this point to figure out my age.


Why is that hard to wrap my head around? I am some how ashamed of my age, and this idea that
I have not accomplished anything or reached that point of "success" in my life. 

It is a constant battle we need to conquer. 

Myself and many others need to stop allowing society to define our worth. Not everyone has the same journey to success.

They say comparison is the thief of joy and they are sure damn right. 

I encourage you to celebrate every aspect of your life and all that you are proud of. Whether you studied hard last night and aced that test, you learned a new hobby, had your first baby, reached your 1 year anniversary with your significant other, or even got over a stupid break up. :)

Celebrate yourself. Have a quick dance party, eat a delicious pie, get your nails done, or buy a new outfit!

CELEBRATE and .....


As we head into the wonderful season of Autumn it is the perfect time for change. We cannot change our age haha but let's change up our beauty routine. 

Usually in warmer weather we wear our light-weight face moisturizer. Over the Summer I switch to Sonia Roselli's water balm. My skin is able to breathe and retain moisture during the crazy Texas heat. Typically I need extra moisture as the season changes to a more cooler tempature, so I change to the famous Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré.

It is my go-to moisturizer for clients and it is truly the holy grail of moisturizers.

I do not recommend it for oily skin so try Hydra-Mat Emulsion if you are oily! 
I like to pack it under my eye and leave it there while I start doing my eye makeup. It allows my under eye to slowly soak in the moisture and to stay moisturized the entire day. It also preps my skin for concealer so it does not crease or look cakey.

Switch around your beauty vanity and force yourself to try other products that has been collecting dust in the corner. Move it from the drawer and display it for you to see every morning.

Try to "hit pan" on a blush or bronzer you bought a long time ago that you rarely wear. I have so many single blushes in my personal kit, I think this season I will display a few to reach more often! You can even take it a step further and switch out your makeup in your go-to makeup bag in your purse.

I challenge you to change your typical beauty routine.

Whether it is changing up a skincare product, switching out for a "new" old blush or changing your typical every day nude lipstick.

Change with the season my loves and celebrate yourselves and others.

Change gives us a chance to receive something greater.

Favorite Beauty Product: OLEHENRIKSEN Moment of Truth™ 2-in-1 Polishing Sugar Mask

Apply the exfoliating mask on a clean face. It feels warm when you start spreading it evenly on your face. Once you have applied it all over your face go relax for about 5-10 minutes.

When time is up start washing your face in sections.

I like to start off with my right cheek area. Apply warm water and scrub that area for about 20-30 seconds and rinse off. Then I switch to the left cheek area, nose and chin and finish with my forehead.

I like to spend my time in each section so that I can get rid of all my dead skin. I prefer to exfoliate 2-3 times weekly! It makes a difference when applying your makeup. I love that this exfoliator does not irritate my skin. My skin reacts instantly when it does not like a product and it immediatley loved this one! 

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