Dealing With Your Peaks and Valleys of Life

I love devotionals and my boyfriend's mother suggested us to download this app called Devotion on our phone. It is a daily morning and evening devotional with a bit of a trivia and even some Bible humor haha.

The 21st of September's devotional really inspired me and I wanted to share the topic!

Eat, drink and enjoy life!
That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 8:15

There is so much happiness life has to offer, the valleys are refreshing, filled with joy and wonderment. In our valleys we come across peaks that block our journey. Life comes with challenges and roadblocks but the valleys are reminders when we are climbing over our peaks.

If you have started climbing your peak, just conquered the climb or you're taking it easy in the valley... I want to share some ideas on how to stay positive, motivated and just how to enjoy the season you are in your life. 

I hope you always start your day on a positive note before you head out! 

Start getting ready to your favorite jam :)
If it's fun dance music or even mellow instrumentals. Play some tunes to start the day right and cheerful.

Confidence boosters feel amazing and make you feel like a super hero who can defeat anything haha.

Another great confidence booster is just having a moment to yourself to recollect your thoughts through prayer, meditation or writing in a daily journal. Focus your mind on how amazing yesterday went even if it was not that amazing. Find something that was was!

Even if it was that you were able to watch one episode of your favorite show haha. Try to not go further than one day... you get off track and start to think further back in time and you get stuck in the past instead of focusing on the present and future.

Trust me, I do it all the time! It is a good method to learn especially in relationships. I'm guilty of thinking about what happened 2 weeks ago and start thinking of how it should have been. I'll lose track and forget how amazing things have been (okay for the most part haha) up until this point, and am so focused on what freakn' happened 2 weeks ago lol.

giphy (1).gif

I know, I know... 

Another great way is to do whatever makes you feel like a million bucks.

I personally enjoy my morning skincare routine and if I have time I do my everyday "no makeup" makeup look. I feel oh so pretty and put together. Days where I wake up flustered and in a rush are just not the same.

I start to feel less motivated, depressed and think the peak ahead looks impossible to overcome.

Below are some quick and hopefully easy "everyday looks" to boost your confidence on the daily to make you feel like the powerful #GIRLBOSS you already are ;)

Smudged Liner

This look has been my go-to everyday look ever since the cat eye started to get boring haha. It is a lot quicker and easier to do when you are in a rush. You can use a good ole q tip to smudge your liner or a small dense brush to soften the edges. 

First, line your top lash line with your choice of colored pencil liner. Precision is not that important, just put the desired line thickness. Kohl or smooth gel liners tend to work best.

People like to go crazy and smudge the entire liner all at once. Work in small motions and in sections.

Cat Eye

This is my favorite look. It elevates a look and is very fierce haha. You really have to know what type of cat eye works best for you.

The best advice I can give you, is that when you start the flick, look straight forward in the mirror and mark the line. Some people flick it more to the side, I personally like to follow the lower lash line and lift the line upwards. 

Play around on what works best for you!

You do not have to line your entire eye, some people like a thick line towards the flick and thinner towards the inner corner. Some just start in the middle of their eye and go towards the outer corner.


Another quick and easy every day look is to only highlight along with your go-to eye look. Creams look more natural, but powders work too. 

I personally like to highlight my cheekbone, brow bone and inner corner of my eyes. 

As you can see in the pictures you already see a natural highlight. When I added a cream highlighter it brings it out more. Nothing too crazy but just enough to conquer the world haha jk.

Bronzer Eye Shadow

I love using my bronzer through my eye socket to give my eyes more depth. I popped some of my bronzer with the highlighter look. It adds warmth to my eyes! 

Start at the outer corner and push the product in one direction at a time first. Do not do the windshield motion just yet. Once you have the desired crease shade then start blending it out with the windshield wiper motion.

Sometimes we wish we could just dynamite right through the peak, or heck even call in a helicopter to ride over and go back to the peacefulness of our valley haha. Yes please!

I am not an active climber/hiker but when I do go hiking it is not about just having the opportunity to say I went hiking or to say "hey, look at me I accomplished climbing mt. everest" haha.

I mean yes, YAY FOR YOU but it is all about the climb right?
Cmon' all you rock climbers and hikers, back me up :P

When you reach a peak, just stop for a second and look at that mountain... small or big. Now think about the amazing view you will see while conquering that mountain. Think about how glorious overcoming that mountain will be!!! 

Enjoy your journey through your peaks because it will get you through to the valleys. 

Climbing is never easy for sure. Whenever I went hiking with my family in Hawaii we had to wake up ULTRA early to climb, so that once we reached the top we would have front row seats to the beautiful sunrise. As we were climbing in the wee early morning darkness on this crazy elevated mountain, I was thinking to myself (while I was sweating and panting), "WTF THIS CLIMB IS RIDICULOUS, THIS BETTER BE WORTH IT!"

Haha, okay maybe I am being a bit over dramatic but I am not your typical "fit girl". It was so hard to enjoy my time with my family plus dealing with the elevated ground level haha. 

But I guess that is the beauty of it right? Being okay and realizing that the climb is never easy. If it was we would all be content, unchanged and unmotivated as we all chill in our valleys. Same old, same old. 

All jokes aside, the climb was actually nice. The beauty and quietness of the dark was calming. Looking out and seeing all the lights from the roads and houses... and you can somewhat see the ocean.

Keep yourself motivated and inspired throughout the peaks in life. Prepare yourself and gain strength for the next climb to conquer.

What are some ways that are helpful to you? Help a sista out XD, this girl always needs motivation haha.

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