Down The Aisle Part 1 | The Moodboard

If you read my previous post #WORTHTHEWAITFERRELL 
then you already know I am getting married at my parent's back yard haha!

I want my guests to feel loved, inspired and awestruck the moment they arrive on my parent's property. It is going to be difficult to transform a simple house on 10 acres into me and Clayton's dream wedding but I really think we have a great team of vendors by our side.

This is just to really help me enjoy the wedding
planning process instead of stressing over the itty bitty things :)

Come along with me as I prepare to walk down the aisle to the man I love dearly!

Modern Bohemian Romance


We want our wedding to feel like your invited to our home.
Very intimate, a loving and warm environment, community and honestly just pure bliss haha. 

Our wedding will have modern elements with a bohemian vibe that feels romantic :)

The Reception 


Majority of the wedding will take place in Tipis that my father has graciously decided to build himself. Fingers crossed that pops comes through! Tipis are still used for ceremonial purposes and to me symbolize family, tradition, strength and protection.

There is no better way to party the night away in giant tipis
with our family and friends that was built by my own father! Crazy and so cool!

Eclectic rugs, rattan furniture, crystals, acrylic signs, wooden farm tables, gold candle holders, and more...

I am getting PUMPED wooo :)

Florals | Succulants


I am obsessed with succulents! They are my babies :)
I have a few at home ranging in size and air plants. I have to admit I have
unintentionally killed a few, but I still buy live plants because
I love the process of watching them grow and thrive... 

This part is probably the hardest for me to visualize. I really have to trust my florist and provide as much visuals as possible. I already have pictures printed out for her and notes haha. I am worried the most about florals, not sure why! Maybe because it is not my forte and it's a beautiful art form I have yet to understand.

I will be providing pretty much all of the succulents and will be taking a trip to MANY different shops in the area the month before my wedding. I have collected a few a long the way but I am waiting when the date gets closer to find the special ones haha!

The Ceremony


I have literally been trying to find pictures to help explain my vision for the ceremony but this is the best I could do haha. Sad I know! No worries just wait until after my wedding :)

There is a beautiful pasture that we have decided for our ceremony location. It's located after all my dad's goats, chickens and roosters haha. My father is making wooden benches for our guests to sit and our alter will consist of eclectic rugs and cacti.

Down the aisle will be gold/brass candle holders and eclectic lanterns.
Kind of simple and sweet. I did not want a grand altar since the ceremony does not even last that long anyways.

Whether you just celebrated your wedding or planning yours right now I hope you enjoyed/enjoy the entire process!

Never forget the entire reason for the wedding...
It's about you and your fiance's love and commitment! 

Try to clean out your pinterest board and narrow down your vision. 
Be realistic on the whole DIY projects. Sometimes you just do not have time for that haha!

Happy planning <3