After enjoying being a part of several brides’ special days and being a part of the wedding industry, it was finally this wedding vendor to be a bride! Everyone asks how the wedding went and I basically say the same thing. I felt every emotion possible.

It was a whirlwind and felt like I was on cloud 9.

We originally planned on getting married at amangiri. a small elopement/intimate wedding, but things did not work out. For the best of course!

Keep scrolling and you will see it was all worth the wait ;)

My parents live on 10 acres with a ton of roosters, chickens and goats. it gave us creative freedom but logistics was tricky.

Getting married “in the backyard“ felt right and meant to be.

Large event rental teepees have always been on my pinterest board and wondered if that was even possible to get here in dallas. i showed my parents all of the details, rental quote, dimensions etc. but my dad had another plan…

My dad had a plan of his own and basically built a small venue in his backyard.

As the date got closer the teepees my dad bought came in. The large teepees that I envisioned for us to all party under became two small teepees. more RSVPS came in, and more people invited themselves and other people. My dad had to build more benches and tables.

To top it off September-October 2018 started to become the rainiest months ever!

clayton and my dad did a lot of work building everything. a lot of my family members helped with sanding, building, painting, and moving stuff on the day of.

I am not entirely sure what went down behind the scenes on the day of, but I know it was a lot of sweat and hard work. because when I arrived, everyone looked like they were put to work haha.

Our wedding happened because of our family.
both sides contributed in so many ways. It happened because of our wedding vendors as well!

Clayton + I want to thank everyone who was a part of our wedding.
Every moment was filled with pure joy + love.

Going through our photos and reliving our wedding was just beyond words.

Since our “venue“ did not have an ideal bridal suite/getting ready area We got ready at a beautiful “treehhouse“ through HomeAway in Little Forest Hills in Dallas.

The getting ready location was so important to me! As a makeup artist I needed to find a place that had great lighting and was aesthetically pleasing.

The location needed to flow with the overall vibe of the wedding.

We for sure hit the jack pot and I literally booked it asap once we planned on having the wedding at my parent’s farm in Red Oak, Texas.

You can stay at the Treehouse in Dallas through VRBO.

Someone actually inquired about the house for the same date right after me. You better believe that I was not going to let anyone book that beautiful treehouse on my wedding date!

Clayton + I went back to the house the night of our wedding. It was so fun going back to such a unique and beautiful house as a married couple!

…Minus getting an allergic skin reaction to their body soap -.-”

Ferrell-0049-min (1).jpg

My bridal shoes are actually from Amazon! They are Cape Robbin Perspex Boots.


I have always loved Show Me Your Mumu bridesmaids gowns and I knew I had to have a Mumu wedding :)

I had 3 different colors but different styles for the girls to choose from. Only 3 girls could have the same color.
- Show Me the Ring Crisp
- Rustic Mauve
- Dusty Blush Crisp

The smaller rug is from  Amazon ! It is a faux cowhide rug with gold flecks.

The smaller rug is from Amazon! It is a faux cowhide rug with gold flecks.


Then the storm came and
we got lit AF…

We were surrounded by the best people. Both sides came together so quickly! All our loved ones helped and an ugly blue tarp took over haha.


I surprised clayton with a traditional wedding hula song dance that my older sister Sharde taught me. he thought my sister was going to perform since she is a hula dancer.

I ended the night with my Hawaiian muumuu.

I am so glad I did an outfit change!
I did not have to worry about mud getting on my bridal gown.


Enjoy every single moment! Choose happiness and have fun!!!
Litty moments slideshow of proof that we know how to throw a party :)

The storm died down but shoes came off and we danced under the stars…


Here are things I learned:

  • Prioritize what is important to you as a couple. Later on if it fits within the budget you can do it! For us, photography, wedding planner and live musicians was our top priority.

  • Be realistic with what you want or want to do. Sometimes things are totally possible! But sometimes it’s just not going to happen…

  • I would change my month of coordination planning services to a full planning package. That way the planner knows all the ins and outs of everything. If your budget allows it, seriously hire a planner to do it all.

    It is crazy how stressful wedding planning is! This is the time for you to enjoy the reason of the wedding. Let the planner be in charge so you don’t have to worry about stupid little decor stuff haha.

  • Hire a beauty team to help get you and your babes ready! Also do a bridal trial/preview!!!

    Hire help!!! You won’t regret it. It will help you relax on the day of and help you enjoy every moment.

    As an mua I did my own makeup and my other half Melanie helped with my hair. We did the girls makeup and the ones who knew how to do their own and was up to our standards (haha) we just did their eyes. If you are picky about certain things it’s okay! I tell my brides all the time, if you want to do your brows a certain way go ahead, or if you like your liner a specific way. It is honestly better for you to do whatever your particular on, instead of me spending so much time trying to get it to your standards haha.

  • There will always be drama! Not sure why i did not think it was going to happen to me haha but weddings tend to stir something up. Whether it is with your mom, siblings, other family members, friends… there will be drama.

  • People are rude and will invite themselves and even invite other people to your wedding. Not sure why people feel entitled to invite themselves or other people. guess everyone wants a reason to party and have free food and booze. If that is the case you better give a good wedding gift haha!

    I had quite a few surprised guests, guests you just have to invite just because, and guests that invited themselves but ended up not showing up. Some girl even wore white to my wedding LOL. I was too busy enjoying my new husbae and partying it up to even care about those guests on the day of haha. The people who mattered the most were there and stayed with us for the majority of the night.

Weddings are about marriage and commitment of two people in love. In the midst of the most stressful time in someone’s life of planning a wedding, people forget the true reason of weddings. Go to a pre-marital counselor or attend engaged events/conferences.

Do not only prepare for your wedding but prepare for your marriage.




Photography // Lauren Nicole Photography
Planner // Maxwell + Gray
Hair + Makeup // Hello Flawless Artistry
Skin // Kris from Skin RX by Roxanne
Lash Extensions // Megan from Suite Lovely
Personal Trainer // Bells and Barbells
Florals // Zoey’s Gardens
Bridesmaid’s Dresses // Show Me Your Mumu
Bridal Gown // Tiger Moss by Rue De Seine
Bridal Shop // Unbridaled Houston
Marquee Sign // Coral Lane Rentals
Decor Rentals // Sugar Creek Event Rentals
DJ // Jimbo Onza
Caterer // Baon Foods
Getting Ready Location // Treehouse
Alpacas // Alpacas of Aledo
Wedding Logo // Alli K